[CLEARCUT SERIES Episode 2] Creating 4 different materials in Substance Designer


Included in the course:

  • 6 hours and 44 minutes of footage (no timelapses, everything is done in real time)
  • Reference images.
  • All save files, final materials and render files.


Hello everyone!

in this tutorial we will be going over on how to create 4 very different materials from scratch in substance designer

The goal of these courses is to teach you a solid workflow that we also use in the AAA game industry.

In this tutorial we will go over multiple techniques including:

  • different types of material creation (organic,hard surface)
  • different techniques on creating realistic heightmaps/normal maps.
  • tips and tricks on how to make your materials feel less uniform and have realistic placement/scattering.
  • different ways to generate a base color from your height maps.
  • rendering inside marmoset toolbag 3.
  • Clean workflow.